CCND Client Testimonials

Award Winner - Garden Club of American for Outstanding Communications 2013

SASQUA Garden Club Outstanding Website Recognition

"As an IT manager supporting a global engineering organization, I was challenged with finding a secure method for design engineers to exchange large CAD files with outside suppliers. The challenge was to keep the files off of our e-mail system and minimize the impact to the network infrastructure.

"I was introduced to Johanna Pfund of CCND in 1998 and Johanna provided the expertise and the FTP solution we were looking for. After more than 10 years, CCND continues to provide a robust secure environment for our global engineering staff and their suppliers. Johanna has provided excellent service and is always available to provide guidance when needed."

-- Greg Wertheim, Engineering Systems Manager

"Your work has definitely increased the number of calls from the web and [subsequent] jobs so I have complete confidence in you."

-- Jud Aley, RJ Aley Building Contractor

" Working with Johanna to develop my new website was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I felt as though she understood from our first conversation what my goals for the website were and through the development process, she was responsive to my every question and provided successful solutions. Johanna delivered results within budget, and in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Johanna for any web development needs and look forward to continue working with her."

-- Paige Harris, Studio Abode

"Just had a wander around our new and absolutely divine website (and stole waaay too much time from a hectic Friday). Had super fun and so many surprises."

--Page Englehart, Sasqua Garden Club

"Johanna managed the development of two completely different websites for our company (a photo contest site and a fairly complex e-commerce site). She was integrally involved in every facet of both projects: concept, design, coding, testing, launch and servicing thereafter. From the start, Johanna wrote realistic timelines and budgets -- and stuck to them. She took ownership for the inevitable snags in the process and always made herself available to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. She understood the commercial and political challenges of our projects worked hard to address them. Johanna forged highly effective working relationships with all the designers, programmers and managers involved, so that I could rely on her to coordinate our work without intervening myself. In short, Johanna proved to me (twice) that she has the skills, commitment and follow through to complete our website work successfully. If you need someone you can trust to manage and execute a web project, I think Johanna would make an outstanding choice."

-- Jay Zibelman, MBI / Danbury Mint

"We at Squibnocket Partners LLC have been delighted to have been working with ComCentric Network Designs since 2006.

"I deliberately use the word 'with' as it is has truly been a collaborative relationship. CCND’s Johanna Pfund has listened closely to our general, often unformed, ideas about what our websites 'should' look like and contain, and then translated them into a concrete, coherent, and excellent reality. Along the way Johanna has been extremely responsive, proactive in educating us on what’s practical to expect and what’s not, and in actively helping us keep our costs down.

" Additionally, we are also pleased to have available CCND’s wide range of technical and design talents, all of them implemented with impressive skill on our behalf. Whatever the challenge — from the interlinking of our various sites and developing our content, and from maximizing our abilities to gain attention to dealing with the response — has been done on the timetable promised, within budget, and with a welcome cheerfulness.

" We look forward to continuing to work with CCND, and recommend the company heartily. "

-- Arne J. de Keijzer, Managing Partner Squibnocket Partners LLC

"I have had the opportunity to work with Johanna since 1997. She has been instrumental in developing and supporting a web-based data management and reporting system that is the backbone of our business at NC3. We have worked closely with Johanna to build upon the system year after year and she has done a fantastic job of understanding our business needs and incorporating them into our system’s functionality.

" Johanna is extremely responsive to support issues (which are few and far between) and has shown a great ability to maximize the effectiveness of system enhancements while keeping a close eye on cost. She has proven to be a true partner to our business in every sense of the word. "

-- Sam Iserson, NC3 Senior Managing Director

"I worked with Johanna during my time with MBI Inc. and I can say that she is one of the easiest project managers to work with. Her client facing skills are excellent and she understands the pains and challenges that come with software development. Johanna is one of the most honest people I have worked with and always has the best interest of the client in mind. I wish to work with Johanna again in the future."

-- Ron Partidge, Consultant / Developer, Ronald Douglas Consulting

"Johanna Pfund created a website for my business based on a design by artist Judy Renacia and has maintained it since 2006. My products are regularly reviewed in magazines and I have gotten many favorable comments from editors who look to my site for information. Johanna's response to change requests I email her have been timely, and she works with me to make maintenance costs manageable."

-- Frances Palmer, Frances Palmer Pottery

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